4 Ways Salesforce Chatter Will Empower Your Sales Team

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Salesforce ChatterYou probably use Facebook all the time to socialize so why not incorporate the same method of communication and data sharing into your business? With Salesforce Chatter you can. This communication and collaboration tool lets your sales teams collaborate with their colleagues in real-time and share important information, schedule meetings, and gather new ideas.

So, what are the benefits of Salesforce Chatter and how can you incorporate it into your business? Let’s find out. (more…)

Breaking Down Salesforce License Types

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Knowing which Salesforce license type your company needs it not always a clear-cut decision. Salesforce offers many products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Force.com, Communities, and more, all of which can be useful in different areas of your business. Salesforce is continually updating their services to make them better, but it can be difficult to keep up with the modifications. In the paragraphs that follow, I will go over the current editions and features of Service Cloud, Chatter, and Force.com license types to help you understand the differences between them and so you can decide what is right for your business. For differences between Sales Cloud license types, visit our Sales Cloud License Types blog post. (more…)

How to Avoid Sales Mistakes with Salesforce

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Salesforce Lead Nurturing Diagram

No matter what kind of business you operate, you are going to make mistakes just like everyone else, but certain mistakes can be catastrophic, especially if you continue to repeat them. Sometimes the worst kinds of mistakes involve your customers. Whether it’s losing a client or not closing a deal that you should have, repeating common sales mistakes more than once could cost you your business, as well as your confidence. Rather than ignoring the problem, learn to identify the cause of the issue and preemptively head it off at the pass by figuring out how to prevent these common sales mistakes from happening again in the future. (more…)

Breaking Down Salesforce Sales Cloud License Types

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Knowing which Salesforce license type your company needs it not always a clear-cut decision. Salesforce offers many products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and more, all of which can be useful in different areas of your business. In this blog, we will be focusing on Salesforce Sales Cloud license types.  Sales Cloud is the most common Salesforce platform and is often the starting point for most companies. Salesforce Sales Cloud comes in multiple editions, and since it can be confusing which edition is right for your company, we have broken down the key differences between Sales Cloud license types to help you decide which edition is right for your business. For information on Service Cloud, Chatter, or Force.com license types, read our blog post(more…)

Increase Sales with Marketing Automation

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Just about every business that relies on sales has to generate and manage leads. Unfortunately, the amount of time required for each lead can be substantial and most leads will not make a purchase. What if there was a way to increase conversions and do less work? By using marketing automation you can do just that. Automating your daily marketing tasks frees up your valuable time to invest in other areas of the company and increases the chances of converting a lead into a paying customer.

Marketing automation allows you to automatically gather lead information, rate their likelihood to make a purchase, send them automated e-mails, maintain a log of notes pertaining to each specific lead, nurture the leads, and use reports to determine which marketing campaigns are the most successful. (more…)

The Effectiveness of Optimized Salesforce Dashboards

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Your Salesforce dashboard serves multiple purposes as a center of operation, a visual representation of all your source reports, an organizational tool, a communication channel, and a lead generation tool. It might seem far fetched for a simple dashboard to have so many benefits, but we could easily think of even more advantages than these. Basically put, the Salesforce dashboard is a complete management tool for your business.

Features of the Salesforce Dashboard

The dashboard converts the information from your source reports into one of several visual components. Depending on the type of data that you have, you could choose to use a table chart, gauge, pie, or a different kind of graph. (more…)

Guest Blog: Location Integration with Salesforce

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Check-in allows you to see when your field reps check-in at appointments

A growing requirement from companies with field sales and field service teams is to be able to validate their customer engagements using Salesforce.com.

A new app on the Salesforce AppExchange called Check-in, from GPS Dashboard, allows Salesforce users to check-in and out when they make customer visits. Check-in is a great tool for sales mangers with reps in the field because it allows them to easily locate, validate, and analyze their rep’s activities.

Check-in will verify the field representative’s location when they arrive on-site, as well as when they check-out. Check-in works with Salesforce1 and it is easy to use. All the sales rep in the field needs to do is simply click the check-in button in the account page, or by using the Chatter Mobile app, when they arrive at the call and the check-out button when they depart. (more…)

Transform Your Salesforce Data into Actionable Business Intelligence

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“Sales Essentials” helps you forecast more accurately by using historical data to produce data-driven forecasts

We’ve recently partnered with InsightSquared, an innovative Sales & Marketing Analytics product that makes sales reporting seamless. Their product provides an out of the box way to get actionable Business Intelligence out of the information that is already located in your Salesforce. It is easy to use and allows you to expand on Salesforce’s reporting capabilities. InsightSquared allows you to dissect your Sales and Marketing operations to locate patterns, problem areas, successes, and much more in your sales/marketing process and execution. We believe it is a helpful tool for sales managers as it provides a deeper analysis of your team’s productivity.

InsightSquared’s module, “Sales Essentials”, focuses on answering some of the most common sales questions businesses have a tough time answering in Salesforce. If you are running Salesforce Reports and then exporting them to Excel to get meaningful information, “Sales Essentials” is a great solution to help save you time and provide you with the reports you need.


Salesforce Report Suggestions

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Salesforce Report SuggestionsSalesforce Reports are great for understanding the data you have in Salesforce and they give you the ability to analyze and evaluate your work. However, there are so many possible data points to report on that it can be challenging to know where to begin.

In order to help you get started, we have put together a list of possible reports for you to create. This list is made up of common Salesforce Reports for sales and marketing and we have sorted them by role type. Hopefully, a few of these Salesforce Report suggestions will ring true with your business processes and serve as a base to help you generate more reports. (more…)

Whitelisting Your IP Address in Salesforce

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List of IP AddressesWhen you need to access Salesforce with a tool like the Data Loader or Excel Connector from a new location like a hotel room, client’s office, or coffee shop, you will get an error logging in with the tool. You can add your Security Token to your password if you remember where it is, you can reset your Security Token to get a new one, or you can Whitelist your IP address.

If you know where you saved your Security Token, then just add it to your password and you should be able to log in with the tool you are using. If you do not have your Security Token, you can reset it by logging into Salesforce with your browser (you may need to enter the verification code sent to you) and go to Setup | Personal Setup | My Personal Information | Reset My Security Token. (more…)